TIME is a business travel management platform which is recommended by clients

98.5% of corporate users (managers, travellers and accountants) recommended the Aeroclub IT platform as the most developed and flexible end-2-end infrastructure. Organize, manage and optimize business trips with a service which works according to your rules and standards.

For travellers

Аэроклуб Expense Desktop

Business trips without long correspondence and mistakes

Correspondence, documents and agreements won't get lost anymore
Everything important in one system
All options in one touch
Instant display of the average cost and suitable rates. The system offers all alternative options, taking into corporate restrictions
Clear rules and tips
Minimize errors and the need to redo bookings and reports

For managers

Аэроклуб Expense Desktop

Transparent process, control and coast forecast

Convenient system for coordinating and controlling expenses over employees and cost centers
Flexible travel policies
Limits and expense policy
Detailed reporting on any indicators, business trip calendar and employee location map
Monitoring and optimization of indicators
Travel programs current state monitoring and relevant tips for indicators improvement

For finance department

Аэроклуб Expense Desktop

Accounting integrated with the client's ERP

All expenses payments from a single account and electronic document flow
Expenses payment
Financial control of employees
Up-to-date employees information in financial documents
Financial flows control
Error-free distribution of costs by cost centers

Regardless of how companies manage business trips today, any process can be implemented on the Time platform. Further one can gradually optimize it by combining ready-made modules and services

Download the Link app and arrange business trips directly on your phone: tickets, hotels, approvals, support services and much more

Tickets and other documents are always at hand

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